Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

emo tattooss

Emo Tattoos for Girls by Emo Styles

Tattooing is an extremely skilled art which requires a lot of patience, fineness and careful handling with human body parts. Emo girls like many girls in some other subcultures like to display their values and customs with Emo tattoos which usually include some slogans or symbols scripted on forearm. Emo Girls tattoos are in most cases made by professional artists who are skilled and familiar with Emo tattoos trends.

emog girl tattoos

Emo girls like to go for various themes when tattooing. They also like to put tattoos on various parts of their body, but shoulders and forearm tattoos are most common, Emo Girls rarely have tattoos on their chests, face or backs. But one thing is certain Emo Girls are not so fond of tattoos as Emo boys, even though they may like to go for one or two little tattoos. Popular Tattoos among Emo Girls are the following: heart tattoo, gothic or punk tattoo, nautical star tattoo, tattoos with slogans or inscriptions, guitar tattoo, calf tattoo, swallows tattoo, cobwebs tattoo, butterfly tattoo and sparrows tattoos.

emo tattoo

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