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finding emo tipz

Finding Emo Tips - Emo Hair, Emo Make Up, Emo Clothes

If you are currently rather fond of the Emo look and are wishing to follow the trend yourself then the best thing you can do is to get yourself in front of a computer and have a look at the many websites dedicated to the Emo scene to pick up some great fashion advice and even guidance on wearing your hair and makeup.

The Emo look is not just about clothing and makeup but requires the whole package to enable you to be a true Emo. You must have an attitude that is dark and somber and also very intelligent with lots of useless bits of information which can be found on the internet. You must also have the right music taste and again, details on this can be found on the internet and to be more specific, the social networking sites of some of the most popular Emo’s in your area. You can steal their music taste or just learn from it and create your own.

As well as the attitude and the music taste, you must have the right style and this is where the internet comes in rather handy. Emo clothes can be somewhat difficult to buy and especially if there is not a following of such a trend in your area. Online auction sites and internet order clothing stores can help you to get the look that you want and these may end up being cheaper than buying in stores.

The internet is a great resource for any style and is perfect for creating the Emo look. Why not get yourself on the many Emo dedication sites to see if you can pick up some useful Emo hints and tips?

emo bags

Emo Bags

The emo fashion is believed to be initially influenced by a certain genre of music. But through the years, it has evolved to become an expression of one’s individuality and has swept not only over hairstyles and clothing, but over accessories like bags and shoes as well.

With their trendy and versatile designs, emo bags have become very popular among women of all ages worldwide. Emo bags usually use practical materials such as canvas, plastic, and fabric like denim and cotton. These stylish bags generally feature fashionable designs and usually have emo phrases or sayings on them too. Most emo phrases seen printed or patched on emo bags include:

“I am emo.”
“Emo girl”
“I wish everything I own is emo.”
“Cheer up, emo girl!”
“Smile, you’re an emo girl!”

Typical emo bags come in fabric material embellished with trendy patterns and designs such as shoes, animals, cartoon characters, hearts, and a lot more. Emo bags usually use multiple colors as well. You can even find emo bags that are quite personalized in the sense that they come in various popular girls’ names like Michelle, Lindsay, Jessica, Angela and Amanda.

Emo bags are quite appealing to the distinctive feminine side of every female, and these stylish bags also serve to show the girl inside every woman.

emo glasses

Emo Styles presents Emo glasses

What are emo glasses
Emo glasses are black framed glasses that are worn by those who are emo enthusiasts. The frames are usually in oval shape and black color. They resemble the frames that were worn by the 60’s generation or something that our grandparents worn. Many emo boys think that emo girls who wear emo glasses look really hot. Boys wear emo glasses to look more serious and to appear smarter than they really are.

emo boy glasses

Available online and offline
These horn rim glasses are available everywhere. If you want to be part of the emo fashion, then you have got to wear these emo glasses. You can shop for the emo glasses online at eBay and various other sites. Compare the prices and have fun wearing them. What the heck you can even wear them without prescription. They are even called Emo nerd glasses or retro wear glasses.

Also available in darker shades of various colors
Girls can have some fun with the colors. They can also go in for dark shades of red, brown or blue. You can even wear emo sunglasses with dark black shades or even dark grey shades. They look really cool and even some of the Hollywood stars have been seen sporting this very emo look.

emo sunglasses girls

emo shirts

Emo Styles presents Emo T-Shirts

The Look For The Emo Boys T-Shirts
Emo Boys should wear T-shirts that are black in color with slogans and logos that have skulls or have ghoul on them. In fact never let up a chance to wear T-shirts that are self deprecating. Common symbols and logos are that of skulls, broken hearts, bleeding hearts and so on. To offset the black in the entire look, the belts are usually white. To distinguish you among the emo community you can use a white belt with some metal clips or studs or maybe some chains too.

emo t shirts

Look for the girl’s T-shirts
The tops should be tight fitting and have some slogans on them. In fact the girls can raid their younger sister’s wardrobe for dressing up totally emo. Hoodies, sweaters, denim jackets and other outerwear should be in dark shades and have a ‘V’ neck. You can even raid your mom’s closet for trainer jackets from yesteryears. T-shirts should normally have retro faded screenings.

emo shirt

Of course the socks are usually argyle and black converse shoes are preferred the most by both men and women when completing the look for emo. Black is usually the most preferred color.

love emo

emo shoes

Emo Styles presents Emo Shoes

Emo shoes complete the look. Of course the best known emo shoes are the converse shoes. But many other shoes can also be made look like emo depending on what you have worn with them. Black Vans slip ons are also emo, especially when emo clothes are worn along with it.

emo snickers

Also knee high converses look great and go along with the emo style of fashion. Plaid polka dots and plain flats can also become emo shoes. They need to be accessorized with emo clothing to give the effect.

emo shoes

If it’s getting too hot to wear converse, then wear thinner socks. That should cool you down a bit. Find the socks that are ankle length and you will feel less hot.

emo skul shoes

emo tattooss

Emo Tattoos for Girls by Emo Styles

Tattooing is an extremely skilled art which requires a lot of patience, fineness and careful handling with human body parts. Emo girls like many girls in some other subcultures like to display their values and customs with Emo tattoos which usually include some slogans or symbols scripted on forearm. Emo Girls tattoos are in most cases made by professional artists who are skilled and familiar with Emo tattoos trends.

emog girl tattoos

Emo girls like to go for various themes when tattooing. They also like to put tattoos on various parts of their body, but shoulders and forearm tattoos are most common, Emo Girls rarely have tattoos on their chests, face or backs. But one thing is certain Emo Girls are not so fond of tattoos as Emo boys, even though they may like to go for one or two little tattoos. Popular Tattoos among Emo Girls are the following: heart tattoo, gothic or punk tattoo, nautical star tattoo, tattoos with slogans or inscriptions, guitar tattoo, calf tattoo, swallows tattoo, cobwebs tattoo, butterfly tattoo and sparrows tattoos.

emo tattoo

emo fashion

Emo Styles presents Emo Fashion

Emo fashion has been actually taken off from the emo music that was played by the bands. In the 1980’s it described the type of music that came to be known as hardcore punk. Emo is now associated with a certain kind of fashion. Boys and girl in their teens as well as some in their twenties and even early thirties follow the emo trends.

emo fashion

Emphasis on the hair and the eyes
The classic emo look involves the hair and the eyes. Hair has to be dyed jet black and this is almost a must for emo boys, emo girls can wear various colors from black to blond. Both boys and girls can wear makeup. Black is of course the most preferred color. Men usually prefer to wear black eye makeup. Women can be more creative and use darker shades of red and browns. Both emo boys and emo girls can also use eye paint. Use of mascara to heighten the lashes is also preferable.

The foundation applied should be as near as possible to the skin tone of the person or just one shade lighter. Being totally white is more gothic and not at all emo. Emo boys can wear studs in the ears or bracelets and neck pieces that have skulls and the like. They can wear both types of accessories. Emo girls can also wear these accessories. The emphasis is on the eyes and the hair in the emo look.

emo fashion

Emo T-shirts and bottoms are figure hugging in black
Usually the T-shirts worn by both emo boys and emo girls are figure hugging and a tight fit. They are in dark colors with black being the most dominant color. Of course there are logos in the front of the shirt that speak out the state of mind. The bottoms are slim fit jeans in dark shades.

Emo Belts and Emo Shoes
The belts and the belt accessories are usually in white to offset the black code. Often there are metal studs and chains on the belts. Some girls may even wear grey or pink shades. The shoes are converse or vans shoes and some brands of nike are also acceptable.

Emo Glasses
The emo glasses that are worn are retro chic and something that was worn by the granddads of the current generation. They are usually black and have an oval frame. They are horn rimmed and at times make people look a little nerdy. But some emo boys find that these glasses make the chicks look quite hot.

emo sunglasses

emo rock band

Jimmy Eat World by Emo Styles

Jimmy Eat World is a rock band formed in Mesa, Arizona, in 1993. the base of this group was formed by the two friends Jim and Zach who are guitarist and drummer respectively. During the early times they adopted punk rock style and Linton was the leading singer of the group. Just after couple of years the band released three tracks and a full length volume under the banner of a local music production house “Wooden blue records”. The name of the group was formed after an incidental drawing draw by the younger brothers of Jimmy, in this drawing they show the earth in Jimmy mouth and the title of this painting was “Jimmy Eat World”.

In 1995, the band signed a contract with the leading USA recording company Capitol Records. The band was rejoined again in 1998 and records its follow up titled clarity. They completed their album in the mid of the year but did not get proper response because their music was out of favor and Capitol Records canceled the contract with Jimmy. The band decided to release their next album without any support. To keep the cost down they signed with Trombino, who agreed to sponsor the band. Current members of Jimmy Eat World band are Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Rick Burch and Zach Lind.


One of the most popular alternative emo rock bands is Dashboard Confessional with their leading vocalist Chris Carrabba who is guitarist as well. This rock band originates from Boca Raton, Florida with other members 3 members John Lefler, Scott Schoenbeck and Mike Marsh. The frontman Chris Carrabba started this band as a single side project for his previous band.

e year 2000, the first album for Dashboard Confessional was recorded, the album was named “Swiss Army Romance” and received moderate success, but that was enough to make them very popular emo band. When they launched their 2nd album “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” the band received gold certificate in RIAA certification which was really an outstanding achievement.

Dashboard Confessional 1

Their second album was just a beginning. In 2003, their 3rd album A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar climbed to number 2 on the U.S. Billboard charts. When Dashboard Confessional recorded “Vindicated” for the movie Spiderman2, they gained even more popularity. Their other albums “Dusk and summer”, “The Wire Tapes” and “The Shade of Poison Trees” had also gained big success! We’re looking forward to see the results of their future albums.

Dashboard Confessional 3

emo lifes style

If you consider yourself to be Emo but are looking for a little something different to define you from your pals, why not take note of these great Emo fashion tips to allow yourself to be an individual while still fitting in with those that you hang around with?

o Tight jeans are a must have for an Emo girl or guy. These should ideally be black and to make them a little more individual to you, why not get some of those great iron on or sew on patches of various band logo’s, skulls and anything else that you can find to customize them slightly. It is essential that you do not overdo this customization otherwise you could be going too far from Emo and may get thrown out of your Emo group.

o Over the torso bags are great for the Emo look and again, these can be customized with cute patches in the same way as the jeans but you can also get some funny badges with various slogans to make it more unique.

o Scarves are the perfect addition to any Emo outfit and these can be used in so many ways, making them the most versatile style item. These can be worn around the neck in a slight Rock-a-Billy fashion or tied around the hair and even used as a headband. You can also use the scarf as a belt around your jeans which helps to inject a little bit of color and you can also use them to wrap around the handle of your bag to better customize the look.

emo hair style

Saat ini banyak kita temui potongan rambut yang bermacam-macam bentuk dan variasinya. Salah satunya adalah Fashion Rambut Emo dan Harajuku. Eitsss tunggu dulu, Emo dan Harajuku ini bukan nama orang tetapi fashion rambut yang lagi tren pada jamannya. Ini terbukti sebagian besar anak-anak muda saat ini khususnya mahasiswa menyukai tern rambut ini.

Tren rambut berponi yang disisir rapi kesamping menutupi mata dan pendek pada bagian belakang adalah ciri utama Emo style. Potongan rambut ini dikenal banyak remaja setahun belakangan ini. Seperti potongan rambut Iyan Kasela vokalis band Radja, Kangen band dan masih banyak lagi. Emo Style ini dijuluki rambut berat sebelah.
Sedangkan potongan rambut acak-acakan dan unik adalah Harajuku Style yang identik dengan potongan rambut Jepang, potongan rambut ini sudah ngtren beberapa tahun belakangan.

Tapi apakah dengan potongan rambut Emo dan Harajuku ini tidak meresahkan remaja laki-laki yang biasanya identik dengan rambut pendek??

Juli mengatakan, suka dengan potongan rambut jaman sekarang yaitu Emo dan Harajuku. Potongan rambut ini menggambarkan karakter remaja kebanyakan yang tidak mau dibatasi olehapapun dan siapapun. ‘’Biar kelihatan modis dan gaul,’’ ujar cowok tinggi yang sekarang ini berstatus mahasiswa di Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan (FKIP) Bahasa dan Sastra.

Hal senada diutarakan Bankga, mahasiswa Universitas Muhamadiyah (Umri) jurusan Faskultas Ilmu Komunikasi (Fasilkasi). Dia mengaku bahwa telah menemukan jati dirinya dengan mempunyai rambut Harajuku. ‘’Dengan rambut begini aku merasa nyaman dan tambah Percaya Diri alias PD ketika menghadiri kegiatan yang berhubungan dengan remaja,’’ tutur cowok Chines yang suka ngikutin evolusi hair style (gaya rambut).

Begitu juga dengan Dirga dan Edhi. Siswa SMAN 12 ini sangat menyukai tren rambut zaman sekarang yaitu Harajuku. menurut Dirga model rambut Harajuku tambah keren apabila dimodifikasi dengan warna-warna rambut. ‘’Apalagi yang berwajah oriental akan lebih cocok dengan tokoh animasi Jepang,’’ sambung Edhi.

Lain halnya dengan Riko mahasiswa Unri ini. Dia mengatakan rambut yang mengikuti perkembangan global itu adalah Rock n Roll. ‘’Gaya rambut yang geometric dan spike apalagi dicampur unsur gimbal,’’ ujarnya sambil ngebas kepada Xpresi ketika ditemui di Fakultasnya FKIP Bahasa dan Sastra.

Sepintas ternyata nama Emo dan Harajuku ini mempunyai sejarah yang mana nama Emo sendiri adalah singkatan dari Emotional. Emo yang berasal dari aliran musik yang menceritakan tentang perasaan seseorang yang muncul akibat putus asa, masokis, cengeng dan terbuang. Kemudian meluapkanya ke dalam musik. Lama kelamaan Emo berkembang menjadi gaya hidup, tingkah laku manusia yang mengaku dirinya adalah Emo.

Sedangkan nama Harajuku ini merupakan nama tempat dari sebuah kawasan kecil di Tokyo, Jepang. Tepatnya di daerah sekitar Stasiun Harajuku. Sebuah stasiun yang dekat dengan Sibuya. Semenjak itu Harajuku menjadi tempat berkumpul favorit anak-anak muda yang berpenampilan unik dan nyentrik. Mereka bebas berekspresi dan berdandan yang inspirasinya diambil dari para tokoh animasi Jepang. Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa perkemb
embangan zaman selalumembawa perubahan bagi budaya-budaya yang ada.