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emo shirts

Emo Styles presents Emo T-Shirts

The Look For The Emo Boys T-Shirts
Emo Boys should wear T-shirts that are black in color with slogans and logos that have skulls or have ghoul on them. In fact never let up a chance to wear T-shirts that are self deprecating. Common symbols and logos are that of skulls, broken hearts, bleeding hearts and so on. To offset the black in the entire look, the belts are usually white. To distinguish you among the emo community you can use a white belt with some metal clips or studs or maybe some chains too.

emo t shirts

Look for the girl’s T-shirts
The tops should be tight fitting and have some slogans on them. In fact the girls can raid their younger sister’s wardrobe for dressing up totally emo. Hoodies, sweaters, denim jackets and other outerwear should be in dark shades and have a ‘V’ neck. You can even raid your mom’s closet for trainer jackets from yesteryears. T-shirts should normally have retro faded screenings.

emo shirt

Of course the socks are usually argyle and black converse shoes are preferred the most by both men and women when completing the look for emo. Black is usually the most preferred color.

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