Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

emo glasses

Emo Styles presents Emo glasses

What are emo glasses
Emo glasses are black framed glasses that are worn by those who are emo enthusiasts. The frames are usually in oval shape and black color. They resemble the frames that were worn by the 60’s generation or something that our grandparents worn. Many emo boys think that emo girls who wear emo glasses look really hot. Boys wear emo glasses to look more serious and to appear smarter than they really are.

emo boy glasses

Available online and offline
These horn rim glasses are available everywhere. If you want to be part of the emo fashion, then you have got to wear these emo glasses. You can shop for the emo glasses online at eBay and various other sites. Compare the prices and have fun wearing them. What the heck you can even wear them without prescription. They are even called Emo nerd glasses or retro wear glasses.

Also available in darker shades of various colors
Girls can have some fun with the colors. They can also go in for dark shades of red, brown or blue. You can even wear emo sunglasses with dark black shades or even dark grey shades. They look really cool and even some of the Hollywood stars have been seen sporting this very emo look.

emo sunglasses girls

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