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emo fashion

Emo Styles presents Emo Fashion

Emo fashion has been actually taken off from the emo music that was played by the bands. In the 1980’s it described the type of music that came to be known as hardcore punk. Emo is now associated with a certain kind of fashion. Boys and girl in their teens as well as some in their twenties and even early thirties follow the emo trends.

emo fashion

Emphasis on the hair and the eyes
The classic emo look involves the hair and the eyes. Hair has to be dyed jet black and this is almost a must for emo boys, emo girls can wear various colors from black to blond. Both boys and girls can wear makeup. Black is of course the most preferred color. Men usually prefer to wear black eye makeup. Women can be more creative and use darker shades of red and browns. Both emo boys and emo girls can also use eye paint. Use of mascara to heighten the lashes is also preferable.

The foundation applied should be as near as possible to the skin tone of the person or just one shade lighter. Being totally white is more gothic and not at all emo. Emo boys can wear studs in the ears or bracelets and neck pieces that have skulls and the like. They can wear both types of accessories. Emo girls can also wear these accessories. The emphasis is on the eyes and the hair in the emo look.

emo fashion

Emo T-shirts and bottoms are figure hugging in black
Usually the T-shirts worn by both emo boys and emo girls are figure hugging and a tight fit. They are in dark colors with black being the most dominant color. Of course there are logos in the front of the shirt that speak out the state of mind. The bottoms are slim fit jeans in dark shades.

Emo Belts and Emo Shoes
The belts and the belt accessories are usually in white to offset the black code. Often there are metal studs and chains on the belts. Some girls may even wear grey or pink shades. The shoes are converse or vans shoes and some brands of nike are also acceptable.

Emo Glasses
The emo glasses that are worn are retro chic and something that was worn by the granddads of the current generation. They are usually black and have an oval frame. They are horn rimmed and at times make people look a little nerdy. But some emo boys find that these glasses make the chicks look quite hot.

emo sunglasses

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