Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

emo bags

Emo Bags

The emo fashion is believed to be initially influenced by a certain genre of music. But through the years, it has evolved to become an expression of one’s individuality and has swept not only over hairstyles and clothing, but over accessories like bags and shoes as well.

With their trendy and versatile designs, emo bags have become very popular among women of all ages worldwide. Emo bags usually use practical materials such as canvas, plastic, and fabric like denim and cotton. These stylish bags generally feature fashionable designs and usually have emo phrases or sayings on them too. Most emo phrases seen printed or patched on emo bags include:

“I am emo.”
“Emo girl”
“I wish everything I own is emo.”
“Cheer up, emo girl!”
“Smile, you’re an emo girl!”

Typical emo bags come in fabric material embellished with trendy patterns and designs such as shoes, animals, cartoon characters, hearts, and a lot more. Emo bags usually use multiple colors as well. You can even find emo bags that are quite personalized in the sense that they come in various popular girls’ names like Michelle, Lindsay, Jessica, Angela and Amanda.

Emo bags are quite appealing to the distinctive feminine side of every female, and these stylish bags also serve to show the girl inside every woman.

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